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6 Questions to Help You Create Positive Change This Year

Feeling like you want to create positive change but not sure where to begin? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself both now and in the New Year:

1.What do I really want each aspect of my life (e.g., family, work, romance, creativity, spirituality, health) to be like in the coming year?

2.How much effort am I wiling to put into making positive change?

3.What tool or support will I draw upon to help me when things feel difficult (e.g., conscious breathing, meditation, psychotherapy, friends/family, religious community)?

4.How will I accept the things that I may be unable to change—my best efforts notwithstanding?

5.How will I know when I have achieved positive change (what will this look like specifically)?

6.Can I commit to loving myself as I am now—the only way I will ever be in the present moment—even as I plan for and work toward change?

Be honest, but gentle and kind to yourself. Be well!

For more related to acceptance and change in the coming year, see my recent Winter Solstice post on


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