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Guided Self-Hypnosis to Foster Healthy Self Esteem and Restorative Sleep…New from

I’m so excited to share with you my collaboration with Belleruth Naparstek, Cindy Stalnaker, and the wonderful people at For years I’ve been referring colleagues, patients, and friends to their fantastic,high quality collection of guided imagery programs. What has set this team apart from other companies offering guided imagery and hypnosis has been the quality of their programming, which is in use in over 2,000 hospitals. The HJ programs have been well-studied, and have consistently been shown to help people to feel better – emotionally and physically – in ways that have been objectively measurable. That’s no small feat!

I first met Belleruth, the company’s co-founder, in the early 2000s when I was the program director of integrative medicine at Columbia. She was then developing a wonderfully written program for patients in Cardiac ICU and Rehabilitation programs that was notable for its lush, multi sensory imagery, and skillfully composed music.

So it’s quite an honor to have been able to develop two programs with the HJ team: “Guided Self-Hypnosis to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem” and “Self-Esteem During Sleep.” Both programs employ primarily permissive hypnosis techniques and healing-themed imagery to help listeners release those things that no longer serve them (e.g., self doubts, old ways of thinking about themselves), become more accepting of themselves in the present moment, and still embrace positive change. The sleep CD is novel because it helps to foster a deeper, more restorative sleep pattern and also engages the deepest parts of the self – below the level of conscious awareness. So you don’t need to even “hear” the suggestions for your unconscious to make use of them and begin the journey to a stronger sense of self.

For more information, please visit:

You can also look for these programs on iTunes as well!

To listen to audio samples of the programs, please click below (**Remember: imagery can induce a day-dreamy or sleepy state, so you should not use while driving or when you otherwise need to pay strict attention to something else**)

Healthy Self-Esteem Guided Imagery Sample

Health Self-Esteem Affirmations Sample

Self-Esteem During SLEEP Sample


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