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About Me

I’m a licensed clinical health psychologist practicing in New York City. I decided to create this blog so that I could reach a larger number of people about some things that can help foster improved emotional and physical well being.For some time I’ve felt strongly that we need to look at the whole person when defining health. To me, this means thinking about ourselves as the totality of our body, mind/thoughts, emotions, spiritual beliefs (even if this means not feeling particularly spiritual), relationships, our past, present, and what we hope for in the future. Thus, we can impact our well being for worse or better by what we do, how we spend our mental and physical time and energy, and how we take care of our bodies.My background:

In the past, I worked in New York City hospitals conducting research in oncology and cardiac surgery settings, and was also engaged in patient education and employee wellness programming.  Additionally, I served as the Director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, where I developed and managed studies examining the possible benefits of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies prior to returning to school to pursue doctoral training in clinical psychology.

More to come with regard to what I mean about the above….

 For now, be well!

For more about me, or my work, please visit:


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