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Borderline Personality and the “Pain Paradox”

Borderline personality is more prevalent in those with chronic pain, and linked to poorer coping and greater pain severity. Yet, self-harm in BP is linked to low or no pain. … Continue reading

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Hypnotic Imagery for Healthy Weight & Body Image Now Available!

These CDs draw upon the strengths of mindfulness, loving kindness, and hypnotic imagery to address the underlying causes of unhealthy eating and other weight-related behaviors, while cultivating a more loving body image. … Continue reading

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis can help you understand the unconscious reasons you may have kept weight on and make healthy changes. Click here to view my latest post on this topic.

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Fat Talk, Body Shaming & Other Forms of Self-Bullying: A Call for Loving Kindness

Most of us have been guilty of engaging in “fat talk” and other forms of self-shaming. In fact, it’s common enough among women (although men do it too) to be … Continue reading

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FREE Report -10 Key Tips for Creating Positive Change

Hello all, and happy fall! What a wonderful time of year to get things in gear, kick old, outdated habits, and adopt or increase healthy ones. Click here to get … Continue reading

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How a Genetic Mutation (MTHFR) Can Impact Mental & Physical Health

My most recent blog post explains how a not-so-uncommon genetic variant can increase your risk of several mental and physical health problems, including treatment-resistant depression, heart disease, ADHD, autism, certain … Continue reading

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A Folate-Rich Breakfast – Delicious and Good for Mental Health

I’ve posted on the mental health benefits of folate previously. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a folate rich, delicious breakfast. If you like it, please like and share! … Continue reading

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Dealing With “Everyday Sadists”…

A bit different from my normal content, but my latest post discusses some things you need to know about dealing with people who intentionally cause emotional harm.

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Gratitude is a Powerful Tool for Healing

Don’t underestimate the value of noticing and being thankful for what’s good, and finding the good in the difficult. When we are grateful, we leave little room for resentment, anger, … Continue reading

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Dietary Supplements Have a Role in Mental Health Care

Supplements are no panacea, but when judiciously used, the right ones can help alleviate mood symptoms and improve cognition. Click here to read more.

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